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Specializing in Packaging and Plastics
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The five steps we take to earn our fee....

  • STEP 1 Job Description

  • STEP 2 Search

  • STEP 3 Interviewing/Screening

  • STEP 4 Referencing

  • STEP 5 Closing

Step 1 Job Description
When you give our company a search assignment, our first step is to prepare a detailed description of the position, and of the person being sought. This includes absorbing as much as possible about the client company's expectations, the person(s) our potential candidate will report to, and the duties he will perform.

Compensation, benefits, advancement opportunities, and company culture are discussed at this time. The educational and experience level requirements for the position are noted, and we acquaint ourselves with the client company's hiring process.

Step 2 Search

We conduct a comprehensive candidate search, utilizing several sources. These include a referral network of industry professionals, trade advertising, recruiting from companies in relevant businesses, and a national cooperative of other recruitment professionals. We try to locate candidates who match your company's requirements as closely as possible, but will communicate with you at this time if we
find the search must be broadened. We will consult with you if we feel that the company's priorities are unrealistic or that the probability of fulfilling the assignment is low.

Step 3 Interviewing/Screening

Potential candidates are interviewed in depth regarding their professional background, career accomplishments, and education. Those who lack the appropriate background, or who don't fit the financial profile of the search, are politely screened out at this time. When interviewing and screening is complete, we refer to you our best candidates for consideration, and present our impressions of all
candidates before interviewing takes place.

Step 4 Referencing

Any candidate whom you have interviewed and deemed worthy of consideration for hire is reference-checked, whether or not you request it. We attempt to contact at least three individuals who have either supervised the candidate in the past, or have a strong business relationship with him. We look for substantiation of job performance, personality and work ethic, and conduct a detailed reference interview. All reference reports are word processed and presented to you verbatim.

Step 5 Closing the Placement

We consult with you about the relative merits of candidates, and assist in the formulation of an offer when a decision has been made to hire one of our candidates. We handle employer-candidate negotiations and act as a buffer to alleviate any potential pre-employment problems. We function as the client's representative in extending offers and setting start dates.

Advantages to our Valued Client:

  • Fast Results

  • Confidentiality

  • Thoroughness

  • Ethics

  • Cost

  • Fast Results

We have the contacts, knowledge, and resources to search out and locate the person you need in the least amount of time. We save you valuable management time by efficiently performing tasks your managers cannot do effectively and quickly.

Your customers and your own personnel are sheltered from the recruiting process, because we do not broadcast your company's identity. You circumvent internal hearsay and morale difficulties, and prevent concern on the part of your customers for your company's stability.

Our search efforts are multi-faceted; as a result, we are not limited to presenting you with marginal performers who happen too be in the market at any given time. And since we limit the amount of assignments we will work on concurrently, we do the most complete job possible for you company.

We do not recruit from our client companies. There is no time limit to this hands-off policy once your company becomes our client.

We assume all recruitment costs including advertising, long-distance telephone charges, insurance, secretarial costs, office overhead, etc. You and your managers are able to concentrate on the business of running your company, rather than spending countless hours preparing ads, recruiting, screening, referencing, and soon. The position is filled quickly, avoiding costly down-time and disgruntled