The Trusted Plastics Executive Recruiter

Getting to know you, your history, and your goals is the biggest part of our process. We ask the right questions, share vital information, and do the necessary research, ensuring that we have a deeper understanding of the industry and your business’ place within it.

Evan & James has experience navigating the complex markets of the plastics and packaging industry. We source all roles. We cover every vertical. Our plastics executive recruiters understand in detail how every aspect of the industry relates and functions. Our talent management specialists actively pursue those passive candidates who match your needs and are open to enhancing their career paths.

Evans & James is the leading recruiter in the plastics & packaging industry in the United States. We are well known in the industry for our expertise, our integrity, and our ability to attract the very best candidates, even in very difficult recruiting environments.

Maximizing the effect of every hiring solution

When recruiting for positions in the plastics and packaging industry, we take culture and character into account, using an advanced set of tools we’ve developed over the years, tools which we have carefully calibrated to find the best candidates for every employer.

By recruiting only those professionals who are right for you, our firm ensures a healthy and consistent company culture, increasing productivity, morale, and retention.

We bring you the hard-to-find manufacturing, engineering and sales talent your business will need to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving space.

Executive recruiters connecting your business to highly specialized talent.