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Evan & James is who the plastics and packaging industry turns to for highly qualified, highly specialized and highly motivated candidates in an increasingly competitive hiring market. We are trusted plastics recruiters and consultants defined by our niche expertise, our commitment to integrity, and our unrivaled access to the industry’s most invaluable plastics and packaging-specific talent resources.

Commitment. Communication. Unrivaled experience.

We began offering the plastics and packaging industry high-level exclusive and retained hiring solutions in 1984, meeting client needs even during the most difficult economic times, always actively helping to drive this industry forward.

Our plastics recruiters serve highly specialized industrial spaces, providing access to and managing talent vital to our clients reaching their target goals. We actively market candidates valued within their specialization and industry, ensuring candidates experience ideal career growth and our clients grow their teams according to their unique professional vision.

Plastics, packaging, chemicals, glass, systems integrators. Executive recruiters granting you access to leadership and talent for highly specialized roles.