Plastics and
Packaging Recruiters

Every part of our process is carefully designed and executed to achieve a match that results in long-term success for both the client and candidate.

Plastics and packaging affects every commercial sector and, with the growth of e-commerce, having talent that can fully utilize and capitalize upon its use is crucial to staying competitive.
While individual companies may produce similar products, their niche, and the challenges they face are unique to them.

Evan & James Executive Search’s plastics and packaging recruiters dig deep. We work closely with every client, discovering what makes you unique as a company and as a culture, determining how we can best help your organization grow.

We are in contact with the best and brightest talent at all levels of the packaging industry and we can connect you to the right candidates quickly, leveraging a network designed to source the specialized talent this industry needs.

A complete understanding equals consistent success

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The industries we serve
  • Packaging
  • Plastics
  • Chemical
  • Glass
  • Systems integration
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The positions we place
  • C-Suite
  • Director
  • Plant Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Sales
Plastics and packaging recruiters connecting your business to highly specialized talent.